St Ann's CE Primary

School Improvement

St Ann's is a continually improving school and our ambition is for it to be a place where children thrive and love learning.

Our current school improvement priorities are as follows:

Quality of Education: 1. Inclusion and diversity of representation in the curriculum [Black History & LGBT+]. 2. Writing. 3.  Full implementation of the evolved curriculum intent in all subjects. 4. Challenge/working at a higher level. 

Behaviour and Attitudes: 1. Attendance & persistent absence 2. Attachment awareness and use of shared scripts. 3. Pupil self-regulation and resilience 

Personal development: 1.  'Character Education' 2. Pupil ability to articulate ideas and opinions (embedding debate & discussion in the curriculum).        3. Well-being of children and families, after the lengthy closure

Leadership and Management: 1. Implementation of C-19 risk assessment. 2. Provision to mitigate the impact of school closure & address gaps in learning. 3. Leader Development: leading practitioners & leaders of learning 4. Utilising MS365  5. Remote Learning Strategy. 6 RHSE consultation.