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Thanks to everyone who completed our 2021-22 annual questionnaire. If you have specific question or concern you'd like to be addressed, please contact the school office.

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‘Even better if it has trips.'



We were unable to organise Educational Visits during the pandemic. Prior to this classes went on regular visits to museums, galleries and other places of interest. Y6 & Y5 also went on school journeys. Every class has booked a visit  of some kind for this term. School Journeys for Y5 & Y6 are planned for Spring and Summer 2022. We strongly believe that learning beyond the classroom enriches and enhances our curriculum and are 100% commited to providing a range of educational visits.

‘Longer lunchtimes - eating, not just playing.’

All classes have one hour for lunch. Children spend 30 minutes in the playground and have a lunch sitting of 30 minutes.

 'More efficient communicastion.'

We are constantly developing and adding to our means of communication, to try and reach as many parents as possible; which is why we welcome the feedback provided by this survey. Current means of communication include: fortnightly newsletters, tweets, emails, texts and the class pages & parent sections on  the school website. We'll explore adding instagram based on feedback..

We were pleased to be able to reintroduce face to face consultation meetings this term - which have taken place earlier this academic year (4 weeks from the children returning). Next term parents will receive a written overview of their child's progress and attainment, with a follow up phone or TEAMs consultation meeting.

Teachers are always available to speak to parents, either briefly at the beginning or end of the day or - with prior agreement - for a longer face to face or telephone meeting. As always we encourage parents to speak to their child's class teacher if they have any concerns; or the Head of School if this does not resolve the matter.

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