St Ann's CE Primary

LAC Parent Governor Election (JUNE 2021)

Are you interested in becoming a Parent Local Academy Committee Governor?

Our Academy Trust school has its own Local Academy Committee (LAC), consisting of 9 people:

  • The Executive Headteacher
  • The Head of School
  • 2 elected parents
  • 1 elected member of staff
  • 4 other LAC governors, who may be nominated by the school.

All governors are appointed by the LDBS Academy Trust (LAT) Directors.

The term of office for all LAC members is 4 years, and we now have a vacancy. All parents, guardians and carers of pupils attending the school are eligible to stand. If there are more nominations than places available, an election will be held.

While specialist knowledge or relevant experience is useful, common sense and a willingness to give time are key requisites. You do not need qualifications or professional skills to become a LAC member, but you should read the Job Description and consider carefully if you can make this commitment.

If you are interested in becoming a Parent LAC governor, you will need to complete the online nomination form, ensuring that it is ‘countersigned’ by a valid proposer.

The timeline for this election is as follows:

  • 14/6 Notification Letter, JD & Link to Nomination Form emailed to families
  • 28/6 (9am) Nomination Deadline
  • 1/7 (1pm) Candidate Statement Deadline
  • 2/17 Ballot Opens
  • 7/7 (12pm) Ballot Closes

LAC Governor Job Description

Nomination Form

Candidate Statements

The Voting Form will be emailed to families on 2.7.21. Please contact Lydia in the school office for information. 020 8800 2781