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Attendance and Punctuality

It is important for your child to arrive at school in good time in the morning to start the day in a relaxed and calm way. If children arrive late it is unsettling for them and their class and has a negative impact on learning.

Please ensure that you are in the playground in time for the start of the school day at 8.55am.

If you need your child to be in school earlier than this time then please ask us about our Breakfast Club which runs from 8am every day.

If you arrive at school after 8.55am then we ask that you inform the office of the reason your child is late and that your child takes a late card to give to his/her teacher.

If your child is absent from school, please contact the office on the first day of absence. On returning to the school we require a written explanation.

At the end of the day teachers escort the children to the playground to ensure that they go home safely. To ensure staff are not delayed in carrying out their duties or from attending important meetings, we ask that all children are collected promptly at 3.30pm. Any children not collected on time will be taken to the school office.

Last year (2014-15) attendance at St Ann’s was 95.87%. We want to maintain and improve on this so we ask that you do not take holidays in term time. Absence due to family holidays will cannot be authorised.

If you need to take your child out of school during term time a Pupil Absence Request Form requesting permission should be sent to Mr Lancaster, Head of School.

Our whole school target is 97%